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Low Cost Pet Vaccinations
Vaccinations for the puppy and kitten series
Saturdays from 9 to 4

Puppy Pack $52
Physical Exam, DHP, Parvo, Worming with Panacur

Heartworm preventative- 1 mo
Kitten Pack $63-$75
Physical Exam, Distemper, Rhino Calici, FeLV Vaccine or Test, Worming (Panacur)
1st Year Dog Pack $81
Exam, Rabies, DHP, Parvo, Occult Heartworm Test*
($52 with occult & difil tests*)
1st Year Cat Pack $59
Exam, Rabies ( Non adjuvanted PCR), PLP- Distemper, Rhino Calici intranasal, and injectable. Worming (Panacur)
Annual Adult Dog Pack $47
Eaxm, Rabies, Occult Heartworm Test*
*discounted price on heartworm test good only with purchase of 1 yr supply of heartworm preventative (Otherwise $44 HWT)
Annual Adult Cat Pack $52
Exam, Rabies (non adjuvanted PCR), Rhino Calici intranasal,
Worming (Panacur)
FeLV and FIV Test highly recommended $33 additional


Individual Prices

Exam Fee $18 Rabies ( non adjuvanted PCR) for Cats $12
Rabies $7 Feline PLP Distemper $7
DHP $7 Rhino Calici $14
Parvo $7 FeLV Vaccine $16
Occult Heartworm Test    $22*
Felv / FIV Test $33
Bordetella. $9 Allergy Injection $31

*Discounted price on Heartworm tests good only with purchase of a 1 year supply of heartworm preventative

Prescription Refills will be available by phone:281-370-3262
We must have seen your pet. To order Heartworm pills we must have a negative blood test result on file.


Avoid giving your pets unnecessary vaccinations and avoid adjuvanted vaccines in cats. 

Effective March 2003 the requirement will be changed to require vaccination at 4 months, one year later, and then only every three years in Texas.


                                  Rabies Vaccination Law Change in the Texas
Scientific data shows that vaccinations for Rabies, distemper, and parvovirus are good for at least 7 years. More importantly data clearly shows that repeat administration of these vaccinations beyond the puppy or kitten series and first annual vaccinations have no benefit. The immunity of the pet is not enhanced, but your pet is subjected unnecessarily to the risk of an adverse vaccine reaction.

Texas State Regulation currently requires dogs and cats to be vaccinated every year with a vaccine that is licensed by the USDA for 3 years duration of immunity. Alternatively, in order to prevent injection site fibrosarcomas, (a fatal type of cancer caused by vaccines) cats can be vaccinated with a non-adjuvanted rabies vaccine licensed for one year.

Because of adverse side effects in dogs and cats, and because repeated vaccination is unnecessary and does not make your pet more immune to rabies, I have worked very hard to get this law changed.


 Award for Excellence in Business Ethics
Presented to Dr. Bob Rogers in 2000
for Public Education about New Vaccination Recommendations

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